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Lost Souls OOC
There are times when you need to get away 
30th-Jul-2006 11:53 pm

Just wanted to  promote a new multi-fandom community. I saw this done here before but if it has no place here then I invite the mod to delete the post.  I invite you all to join Tenebrae Nostro: Los Angeles.

"The City of Angels is a place for the damned to come suffer in silence, a place where nothing is what it appears. You will pray for solitude only to be tormented by those you do not know. Dry your eyes and quietly bare this pain with pride. Find comfort in the knowledge that not every pain hurts. And while you waste your time trying to make sense of this city, Los Angeles sits, seethes, and waits to consume you, trying your strength against the darkest light of its inhabitants. Hold your head up high, the scars on your soul tell a story of your silent strength that no one can take from you. The bonds we form help us down a path, less lonely, as we tumble through our shadows, our darkness. Welcome to Los Angeles."

Tenebrae Nostro has a ooc board, please join it first. The rules can be found here.
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