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Lost Souls OOC
Fun and High-Quality Music Videos 
6th-Jun-2006 09:23 pm
I had previously mentioned the existence of hilarious "abridged" versions of movie scripts involving characters that some of you are role-playing on LiveJournal. On a similar note, I thought that some of you might be interested in watching these fun and really well-made music videos found on the Bronze Ambition website of Charmax, a British woman also blogging on LiveJournal.

She basically extracts scenes from movies or TV series episodes and put them together with a song to create an original music video that often looks like a cool movie trailer. She seems really talented and role-playing gamers, TV series and movie fans, as well as music enthusiasts, will surely like going through some of her sections:

- Angel;
- Buffy the Vampire Slayer;
- Xena: Warrior Princess;
- Firefly;
- Mr. & Mrs. Smith.

She also created original music videos based on other movies and other TV series. Despite the large size of the videos (typically between 5MB and 30MB), her sheer talent is worth the bandwidth usage!
10th-Jun-2006 05:04 am (UTC)
It seems that I simply can't get enough of these entertaining homemade, movie- or TV series-based music videos, so here are a few other places where to find more of them:

- Vidding Discussion; if you are looking for music videos made from a specific movie or TV series, visit that journal's Memorable Entries section where the videos are categorised by fandom;
- Lost Library of the Vidders, where you can also find the music videos categorised by fandom in the Memorable Entries section, and where you can find links to other music videos communities in the User Info section;
- Fandom-Inspired-Videos;
- Project Lycan, with high-quality music videos offered in large and small versions, and archived by year;
- Literary Song Videos, with music videos offered in MP4 format.

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